Werk 2 is a socio-cultural center in the south of Leipzig, which originated from former operational facilities. It is located directly at Connewitz Kreuz. The facilities are managed by the supporting association “WERK 2 – Kulturfabrik Leipzig e. V.” Besides its function as a venue it houses other projects such as arts and crafts, offices and studios.

The spectrum of Werk 2’s events is wide and ranges from parties and drum performances to concerts for major international bands. It’s also home for the Leipzig Cammerspiele and even houses the café “ConnStanze”.

The buildings were built back in 1845 to host a gas meter factory. 1886 attachements were made and so the bigger building “Halle A” was built. After several changes of the use of this place (mostly as a factory) in more than 100 years it started to become a cultural center and venue in the 1990’s.