UT Connewitz is the oldest retained cinema in Leipzig and one of the oldest in Germany. The first screening took place at Christmas in 1912. Back then they screened “Die schwarze Katze” (“The Black Cat”), a touching love story of the Danish director Viggo Larsen. The name “UT” relates to the “Allgemeine Kinematographen Gesellschaft Union-Theater für lebende und Tonbilder GmbH” which was founded in 1906 and became the most successful cinema company of Germany called “Union” (short: U.T.). The first operators of this cinema have never been members of this company but they hoped to pull profit by using the reputation of “UT”.

After several changes of operators, names, and purposes of this place, UT Connewitz has been closed few years after the turnaround in 1992.

2001 people established the association “UT Connewitz e.V.” with the purpose to make the building accessible as a cultural site again. Since this time UT Connewitz is a place for different cultural forms like theater, cinema, concerts, and lectures.