Hope you took your antidepressants, kids because California’s Wreck and Reference do not make happy music. The duo has found a way to strip away almost everything you thought was essential to making heavy music. Drums, sampler, piano and misery-drenched vocals create a sound every bit as sharp and atmospheric as any metal band. The pair’s intricate songwriting weaves heavy moments of gloom into rising keys only to be absolutely blown apart by howling, biting yells and battle-ready snare rolls. Lyrically, Wreck and Reference mines the rot of a mind damaged by the disappointments and brokenness of modern life for beautiful, if at times suicidal, existential pleas shouted into an uncaring and unanswering void. If all this sounds rather bleak and heavy, that’s because it is. But if you need a little sadboy fetish humor to take the edge off the delicate, punishing sound the band creates—take a look at their twitter feed. It, like their live set, should not be missed.