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Live Act on Friday :: Aerial Ruin

FREE ENTRY on both days.

Doom Over Leipzig is a festival where music is in the primary focus. However, each year the organizers do their best to integrate additional activities and events related to the art and / or cultural issues in the program. The main goal here is to make the festival as diverse as possible by building bridges to other art forms and by creating points of contact for the visitors.

This year the Hall A of the WERK2-Kulturfabrik will be available on two days of the festival – Friday, April 20th and Saturday, April 21st. Under the title “The Bridge” artists will be able to present and sell their works while also being able to use the setting as a platform for establishing new contacts and networking in general.

Janta-IslandMicHellhammer Tattoo・Prints etchings objects/ Elli Katsara・Marc Guthe Tattoo・Eisenmangel・Gretel IllustrationDolce & CadavaTodesartARIJMOKACarlo Vivary Artwork・Haereticum・B. Ignorant (19:28 Tattoo Club)・Brookesia EstudioEliza Báthory Tattoo・Noise Armada・Jewgeni Roppel・WALDGLAS・Danae Laz・Justin Bell (19:28 Tattoo Club)・Marina Schreckling・Sarah Morgner・Trollwoods Art・Sebastian Martin (Gypsy Bat Tattoo)・Jörg Nicolaus・Sebastian Schmidt・Nicola Eser Fucili (19:28 Tattoo Club)・CallunaBones – Jewelry for trolls and other weird folksInto Endless Chaos RecordsUnkraut La mauvaise herbe Tattoo・Millet’s Vegan Liqueur・Sebastian Adam Illustration & Tattoo・Tómasdóttir Tattoo.Art.Design

If you’re interested in getting tattooed please make an appointment with the tattoo artist in advance. Contact details can be found on their sites.