Leipzig is tireless and constantly changing. And in its underground there are people with different backgrounds looking and seeking for fresh creative sources. Many new projects have been started, clubs opened, closed or changed their appearance and location. And in the middle of this melting pot lies the Doom Over Leipzig Festival – a Doom Metal Festival, isn’t it?!

Since 2010, it seems that fraudulent labelling became normal business. While most of its visitors still see this Doom Metal Festival as what the name reveals, its founders increase the inclusion of different music styles and artistic realizations. For them, it’s not primarily about the little word “Doom”, which refers to a musical microcosm, but about a certain feeling they associate with the term, alongside slightly progressive demands. “Doom” means nihilism, unconditionality, movement and standstill, euphoria and dysphoria. Every year, the promoters try to find a new soundtrack that fits in with all these terms.

Doom Over Leipzig is an independent project organized by a couple of friends who, next to the annual festival also organize concerts and events under the moniker Swansea Constellation.