DOL’18 Announcement #6

‘(to) distort’ is one leg of DOL’18 that focuses on rough, pure, destructive and experimental tunes lead by impulsive and manic minds. It’s taking part at Werk 2.

With Uniform and Wreck and Reference we invited two 2-piece projects who know how to transform their deepest and darkest dystopia into noise and music in their own individual way.

DOL’18 Announcement #5

Finally the ticket sale starts. You can get your DOL’18 festival ticket HERE.

Furthermore we’d like to announce two more acts for our festival. Leechfeast have been friends with DOL for a long time – we’re proud to have them finally at our festival to present their new album . Conclusive, please welcome innovative black metal outfit Yellow Eyes.

Also our webstore is re-opened. You can visit it HERE.